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BTS Army Bomb Light Stick Ver 4 (Map of the Soul Special Edition) is a big deal if you are a new member of the  Army. Many People don’t know the importance, and I am sure that there are a lot of new Army’s out there that might want to know about it, its importance and what special place it has in the heart of Kpop Fans.

BTS Army Bomb Ver 4 Official Map of The Soul Special Edition

Kpop BTS Love Yourself Student Backpack with USB Charging Port Daypack Canvas College Bag. BTS is a Korean group of 3 rappers and 4 vocalists that debuted in 2013. Offstage they are known for their huge amount of online content showing fans but tiring lives. On stage, they are known for their fiery performances, complex choreography, and moving lyrics. Army bomb (versions 1, 2 , 3 and 4) are just lights stick used by fans of BTS for making a wave or showing gratitude to their favorite stars. All Korean pop groups have introduced their light sticks for their fans. The one used by BTS or fans of BTS is called Army Bomb. It has various versions. The latest version expected is Army Bomb version 4.

BTS Army Bomb Ver 4 Specifications

Now the latest version of BTS army bomb available is version 4 which was launched in 2020. This version was Bluetooth connected and thus, all the light sticks were perfectly synchronized with the music and the ocean of light could be made more complex and amazing. This change revolutionized the light sticks market and made the BTS concerts a sight to see. In version 4, the CEO of the company revealed that it was further going to revolutionize the market and make the product more futuristic. CEO said that it would enable the user to enjoy the concert even though the Army member is not physically in the concert.

These things sound very fascinating but what the version 4 is really going to be about is still uncertain. .If released it is going to be the latest version. Release date and specifications are both a mystery till now. Version 3 was the last as it has all the functions needed by the users including Bluetooth and concert mode. Most people think that there won’t be any other version coming into the market. It’d a waste of money on a user’s account for buying another version.

Another group of people expects Army Bomb version 4 and it is believed that it’d have a fan chants option. The release date is not confirmed yet but can be the next BTS concert. The expected price of Army Bomb Version 4 is between 45 to 55 $.

Origins of the Army Bomb

Two years after the debut of our favorite Kpop group, the BTS, Big Hit Entertainment released the group’s official light stick on their website and the official design was unveiled on March 2015. Since after that, the popularity of BTS has been skyrocketing and version 2 and 3 have been released in 2017 and 2018. The later versions were Bluetooth enabled, which allowed the ARMY to change the colours through their phones. Pretty amazing right!

Brief Comparison of Army Bomb Ver 1, 2 & 3

The first version introduced in Mar 2015 has light mode as on, off, blur and flicker. The minimum operation time is six hours and with a few extra batteries, one can listen to several concerts. It has a single colour and is a flashlight. The second version introduced in Feb 2017 has Bluetooth installed in it. The BTS has the option to control the light. It has multi colours and was welcomed by the fans greatly. The third version released in July 2018 is the latest and most popular one. Not only have the Bighit controlled all light stick inside Korea but also outside. It has a special app available which helps in using the army light.

Where can I buy a BTS Army Bomb?

Now, this is a question that might have come into your minds once you heart the awesomeness of ARMY bomb from yours truly. Done worry my fellow ARMY members, I have covered this up for you.

You can Buy Army Bomb ver 4 from here

How to Order BTS Light Stick Ver 4?

Most of the people buy army bomb is it turns out to be fake. The best and cheapest place to buy the Army Bomb Version 4 is the official Bighit website. If you don’t find any stock online, don’t just lose hope. Check the website now and then as they restock in bits and pieces. If you are constantly checking and sit ready with your card for payment you might get one. You can also buy it at the concert.